WEBS – Career & Education Counseling Services


WEBS career counselors are highly qualified professionals with many years of experience working with adults on career development issues. Many counselors also work at college adult education centers, in agency counseling programs, or hold private practices.

“This service is outstanding! My counselor was a qualified professional who helped me understand my interests, work style and skills. The library is a great setting for the program.”

Career counselors help you:

  • Clarify life/career goals
  • Assess abilities and interests
  • Overcome internal barriers
  • Better understand the world of work
  • Improve decision-making skills
  • Develop individualized career plans
  • Learn job hunting strategies and skills
  • Develop a resume and interview effectively
  • Learn to resolve work conflicts
  • Understand the integration of work and other life roles
  • Cope with job stress and job loss

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