Online Bill Pay

WLS now offers the ability for library card holders to pay bills online through SmartPAY. Patrons can pay all bills (selected by default), or select only the bills they want to pay at that time. A $2.50 convenience fee is added to the transaction.

  • Payments can be made with major credit cards only. Payments cannot be made through PayPal.
  • Currently there is only email confirmation and no option to print a confirmation once the bill has been paid.
  • The Terms and Conditions to which patrons agree when making a payment state that “No refunds of any kind, for any reason will be granted on any Payment made through the Service.”
    Complete Terms and Conditions:

    1. By using the Service, the User affirms they understand the Definitions herein and agrees to all the Terms and Conditions of using the Service.
    2. No refunds of any kind, for any reason will be granted on any Payment made through the Service.
    3. The Service is for the exclusive use by a valid User.
    4. There is a $2.50 per transaction convenience fee for using the Service.
    5. Westchester Library System is not responsible for any late fines or fees incurred by any User as a result of a failure of the Service.
    6. There is no warranty of guarantee of any kind associated with using the Service.
    7. The User is solely responsible for any fees and/or interest accrued on the Credit or Debit card account used to make a Payment through the Service.
    8. The Service is only accessible through an SSL encrypted webpage. The payment gateway through which Payments are made through the Service is a PCI compliant third-party provider. Westchester Library System has employed reasonable measures to ensure the security of Payments on the Service. The User is solely responsible for accessing the Service through a secure method. Westchester Library System and its member libraries are not responsible for any loss the User may incur as a result of identity theft or fraud.
    9. Complaints related to using the Service can be submitted via US Registered Mail. Please send any correspondence to:
      Westchester Library System
      570 Taxter Road
      Suite 400
      Elmsford, NY 10523
      Attn: Online Bill Payment Complaints

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