Get a Library Card

WLS staff is currently working from home in keeping with New York State recommendations. Processing of WLS Fee Card applications is temporarily suspended. We appreciate your patience during this time.

If you live, work, go to school or own property in Westchester County please check this map to find your local library. Each member library has its own policies for issuing a library card. Contact your local public library for what information and identification is required when applying for a library card.

If you live outside of Westchester County and DO NOT work, go to school, or own property in Westchester, you may purchase a card from the Westchester Library System at an annual fee of $75. For patrons aged 65 and over, a System card can be purchased at a discounted price of $35.

An application form is available, which should be sent directly to WLS with your payment. Your card will be mailed to you directly from the Westchester Library System and is honored at all Westchester public libraries.

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