Nominating Committee & Board Education

Nominating and Board Education Roles and Responsibilities

●       Identifies candidates for the WLS Board with the help of existing and retiring Board members, the WLS Executive Director, and member library directors.

●       Ensures new and current Board members receive education about the roles and responsibilities of Board members.  This can include sharing literature and information about seminars and presentations, providing new members with a mentor. 

●       Maintains/develops trustee onboarding materials and educational materials.

Procedure for Replacing Trustees 

(when a Trustee Steps down/an open seat exists)

For those trustees who are completing a first term:  In March, Nominating/Development committee chair checks with trustees to determine if they want to continue.  Trustees who want to continue must get the approval of the libraries in their area.  With the approval, they can be reappointed for a second term.

For open districts:  The chair asks retiring trustee to work with their library directors and Board presidents to identify a new candidate.  If one cannot be identified, the WLS director and members of the committee need to engage to find a candidate.  The candidate should have the approval all libraries within the district. 

After the candidate is identified, the following actions are required.

  1. Check with the WLS Director to ensure the candidate is appropriate and has approval of all district libraries.
  2. Share resume with the nominating committee and get their approval.
  3. If there are any questions, talk to the candidate.
  4. Share with candidate, development committee information on being a board member. 
  5. Invite candidate to a meeting as a guest.
  6. Present the resume to the full board at the September meeting.  At the October meeting any questions about the candidate raised by the full Board can be addressed. 
  7. At the November business meeting present the slate and vote on candidate.

Candidate is sworn in at the January meeting.


Karen Kelley (Chair), District 12
Alice Joselow, District 2
Nishat Hydari, District 3
Francis Okelo, District 13
Joseph Puglia, District 15

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September 13, 2018     Minutes
March 2, 2022     Minutes
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May 23, 2022     Minutes

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