About WLS

Westchester Library System (WLS) collaborates with 38 libraries in Westchester County to provide access to resources and services and to enhance and support library service for the more than 940,000 residents. We are one of New York State’s 23 public library systems which were established in 1958 by State Education Law.

Servicing Westchester Libraries

A focus on community engagement and outreach provides the framework for programs and services at the Westchester Library System (WLS).  It is through partnerships with the member libraries, governmental agencies, service organizations, community members, Westchester County and others that WLS is able to assist them in their efforts to create and grow welcoming, inclusive services and programs for all residents of their community and the County.

WLS works to provide cost-effective approaches for administrative and technology support, cataloging assistance, delivery of materials, training of library staff and trustees, the sharing of digital resources. We do our work with a disciplined focus on equity, diversity and access, which gives our outreach programs and member library activities the broadest reach and relevance.  We are committed to providing services for the interest, information and enrichment of all people in the communities we serve.

WLS is one of New York State’s 23 public library systems and was established by State Education Law in 1958.  WLS is a membership organization comprised of the 38 independent public and association libraries within the geographic boundaries of Westchester County.  Each of the member libraries is an independent organization with its own board of trustees, director, staff, policies and chartered service area.  WLS strives to help each member library support the specific needs and interests of its community, while also encouraging the development of partnerships that result in more effective and cost efficient library services throughout the County. To that end, WLS provides ongoing training and professional development for library directors, staff, and library trustees fostering best practices in library services, community engagement, and fiscal responsibility. WLS also provides expert guidance in complying with NYS rules and regulations to member libraries.  Additionally, WLS offers robust, community centered outreach programs collaborating with libraries, community agencies and nonprofits to serve the County’s most vulnerable populations.


The mission of Westchester Library System (WLS) is to empower lives and communities by connecting people in Westchester County with the resources, services and programs available through WLS and the member libraries.


Westchester Library System (WLS) will promote the love of learning, discovery of new ideas and opportunities for all in Westchester County.  It will strengthen the member libraries of Westchester County by enhancing their ability to share information and resources and by supporting a welcoming environment to everyone in the community.

Core Values

WLS will base its policy and operating decisions on the following set of core values:

  • Advocacy
  • Diversity
  • Value
  • Innovation
  • Cooperation
  • Education

WLS Stands with NYBLC and BCALA in condemning violence and racism towards Black people and all People of Color
WLS Free Direct Access Plan 2022-2026 (Approved September 2021)
WLS Plan of Service 2016-2021 (Approved March 2017)
WLS Plan of Service 2022-2026 (Approved October 2022)
Central Library Plan of Service, 2022-2026 (Approved September 2021)
WLS Annual System Report 2021 (Approved by NYS Library on 8/10/2022)
WLS Member Library Statistics 2021 (Print Issue: January 6, 2023)
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