Audit Committee

The primary responsibility of the WLS Audit Committee is to ensure that the annual financial statements of the Westchester Library System, as prepared by WLS management and audited by an independent auditor, accurately portray the financial position of WLS.

This work includes:

  1. Selecting the auditor
  2. Reviewing the draft audit report and 990 with the auditor and WLS management to ensure that WLS’ financial management, accounting policies and internal controls are adequate, and that WLS’ financial statements are free from material misstatement.
  3. Reviewing/evaluating the auditor’s recommendations for improvement of WLS financial management and ensuring that any issues raised are appropriately addressed.
  4. Ensuring that the audit report, 990 and auditor’s recommendations are reviewed and approved by the WLS board.

Financial skills/background are advantageous for members of this committee.

2022 Members

Wes Iwanski (chair), District 7
Francis Okelo (audit), District 14
Diane H. Tabakman, District 11
Edris Scherer, District 4

April 12, 2017     Minutes
April 23, 2018     Minutes
April 11, 2019     Minutes
March 14, 2022     Minutes
April 4, 2022 Financials Report Governance Report Minutes

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