What is your Public Library worth to you?

How much would you pay out-of-pocket for services you receive from your public library?

Use the Library Use Value Calculator below to see the total value of your library use.

  • In the left-hand column, enter the number of times per month you or your family use each service.
  • The estimated cost of what you would have paid at the store will be calculated on the right
  • The total value of your library use will be shown at the bottom of the page.
  • Tip: Tab between entries, and do not use commas.
Value of Library Services
Input Your Use Library Services Value of Services
(i.e. Internet, MS Word, etc.)

The calculator worksheet has been adapted from original downloadable spreadsheet by the Massachusetts Library Association and then adapted for the web by Chelmsford Public Library. Prices have been modified to reflect current pricing.

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