Executive Team

The Executive Committee consists of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, who are elected by the entire WLS board, as well as the Treasurer, who is appointed by the WLS President. The purpose of the committee is to provide organizational direction for the Executive Director and the full WLS board.  The Executive Committee will generally meet in between scheduled Board meetings and will act on behalf of the full board in emergency situations. The Executive Committee will administer the performance evaluation process for the Executive Director.


Susan Morduch (Chair), District 6
Maureen LeBlanc (Audit), District 8
Francis Okelo (Audit), District 14
Karen Kelley (Audit), District 12
Andrea Zuckerman Bober, District 10
Julie Mills-Worthey, District 13

2023 Materials
February 13, 2023 Minutes
2022 Meeting Materials
2022 Materials
February 8, 2022 Minutes
March 15, 2022 Minutes
April 19, 2022 Minutes
May 17, 2022 Minutes
June 14, 2022 Minutes
September 12, 2022 Minutes
October 18, 2022 Minutes
November 15, 2022 Minutes

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