American Physical Society Journals

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American Physical Society – A non-profit membership organization working to advance the knowledge of physics.

APS Journals Homepage – Announcements and news related to American Physical Society journals.

Physical Review Letters – Is the premier APS journal for current research, providing rapid publication of short reports of important fundamental research in all fields of physics. PRL provides its diverse readership with weekly coverage of major advances in physics and cross-disciplinary developments.

Physical Review A – Provides a dependable resource of worldwide developments in the rapidly evolving area of atomic, molecular, and optical physics, as well as quantum information.

Physical Review B – Is the largest and most comprehensive international journal specializing in condensed matter and materials physics phenomena.

Physical Review C – Publishes leading research in all areas of experimental and theoretical nuclear physics.

Physical Review D – Publishes leading research in elementary particle physics, field theory, gravitation, and cosmology.

Physical Review E – Broad and interdisciplinary in scope, focuses on collective phenomena of many-body systems, with statistical physics and nonlinear dynamics as the central themes of the journal.

Physical Review X – Is an online-only, fully open access, peer-reviewed journal that aims to publish, as timely as possible, exceptional original research papers from all areas of pure, applied, and interdisciplinary physics.

Physical Review Applied – Is an online-only journal dedicated to publishing the highest quality research across all aspects of experimental and theoretical applications of physics, including their interactions with other sciences, engineering, and industry.

Reviews of Modern Physics – Brings the broad fundamental physics literature in established topical areas together and places it within the context of current trends in research and applications. Its in-depth review articles and shorter Colloquia serve students, engineers, and physics researchers in a range of fields.

Physical Review Special Topics – Accelerators and Beams – Is a peer-reviewed, online-only, open access journal funded by contributions from national and international laboratories and other partners. It covers the full range of accelerator science and technology.

Physical Review Special Topics – Physics Education Research – Is a peer-reviewed, online-only, open access journal covering the full range of experimental and theoretical research on the teaching and learning of physics.

The APS Journal Archive (back to 1893) – Provides immediate access to the APS journal collection dating back to the first volume of each journal.

Physics – Highlights significant papers from APS Journals.

Physics Central – Is an educational and informational site about physics, for students and the public.

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