April 2022 Ransomware Attack

No patron data was compromised

The WLS network was the target of a Ransomware attack last week. The security measures in place were able to prevent the brunt of the attack. No patron data was compromised as a result of this attack.

Due to the nature of the public computers they were easier to exploit. Although WLS has removed the most visible elements of the Ransomware and the machines may appear to be usable, we feel it is pertinent to do a full computer restore due to the sophisticated nature of this attack. We are working quickly to make sure all public machines are safe for patron usage. Therefore we are leaving most of the public computers offline until a member of the WLS team can perform the necessary tasks.

 The main goal of WLS is to protect and provide a safe internet environment for all its patrons. Thank you for your understanding and patience during this time.

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