Straight and sleek hair is the in thing everywhere today. They are sleek, neat and make you look extremely professional and pulled together. However not everyone is blessed with straight or smooth hair and putting your hair through the flat iron every day is not only time consuming but also detrimental to the health of your delicate hair. What is the solution? Pre made sleek wigs.


In below video the pro you tuber Malibu Dollface shows you exactly how to make a wig that is not only classy but also edgy and hip. The wig is a Brazilian straight hair look with 360 frontal and with this wig in your cupboard you too can rock the look she does.

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In this busy day and age everyone wants to look perfect, but no one has the spare time to spend perfecting their look. Especially when it comes to hair constructing an immaculate hairstyle in the limited time before work or school is near to impossible. But such perfection is attainable if you learn the art of wig making. The idea is simple,invest some time on the weekend, and you can get ready in an instant the whole week.



(This is what a 360 frontal piece looks like after gluing down)


One style in these wigs is the 360 lace band frontal and that is what you tube artist Malibu Dollface shows in her video

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New year is coming are you ready to change your hair color ?

The new year is the perfect excuse to shake up your personal style and try something new,instead of cut the hair ,changing color would be great.

You don't have to pull off complicated hairstyles to have an amazing and mind-blowing look.

So to give you some inspiration and time to plan ahead and decide on your favorite look, here is some hair color Trends in 2017


Linen Brown
After a few years of brown shades popping up all over, linen brown are making a comeback. But only work on white skin people or it will make your face look in dark heavy

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【Why we choose 360 frontal closure】

  1. 1.No need to have weaves sewed in on your head but on the wig cap, so easier to wear and take off
  2. 2.Low maintenance, make hair last long, save time and money
  3. 3.Can wash, moisturize and condition your natural hair so no worries about the smell
  4. 4.Adjust the part freely
  5. 5.Much more affordable than a ready-to-ship wig



360 Lace Frontal with Bundles


360 closure


  • Freestyle Parting : Part in any direction
  • 360 Band Lace Frontal Measurement: 22″ circumference
  • Silk Base Measurement: 4×4 inches
  • Hairline: Natural
  • Baby hair: yes

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Depending on your weave you should wash it at least once a week. This varies form person to person though.  Sometimes you will need to wash a black hair weave 2-3 times a week and for some people they may only need to wash their weave once every two weeks.

d33c89e4bad5b533da6b117b1631d2d4 Wash and Conditioning A Straight Black Hair Weave

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