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The Request for Proposal (RFP) for an Integrated Library System will be posted on: May 4, 2018 at 4:00PM EDT

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Question Period

This page will also include the answers to all questions related to the RFP.  All questions are to be sent to no later than Friday, May 18, 2018 at 4PM EDT.
All questions received and answers will be posted in the “Questions and Answers” section of this web page on Friday, May 25, 2018 at 4PM EDT


All proposal responses to the RFP must be received no later than Wednesday, June 13, 2018 @ 4PM EDT.
See the contents of the RFP document for the rules pertaining to submitting proposal responses.

Questions and Answers

Q. Please confirm that you would like to see pricing for both a Hosted and On-Premise Solution? Also, is there a preference in which way Westchester Library System is leaning?

A. The ILS currently in use is a vendor-hosted solution. The preference is to continue with a vendor-hosted solution. However, pricing for both options, if available, is requested and both types will be considered.

Q. Regarding Section 3 responses, would you like to see one narrative for the entire section or would you prefer a narrative per bullet point?

A. The narrative can be in either bullet or paragraph format. In either form, each point requested
in Section 3 should be clearly addressed.

Q. Regarding Section 4, would you prefer that a “yes” response be included for each bullet point or should only those bullet points that are in development or pre development be addressed?

A. Sections 4.1.1 through 4.1.6 each have two sections, “Minimum Requirements” and “Additional Functionality”. For each bullet point in the “Minimum Requirements” a response is only required if the deliverable (GA Release) solution does not include the feature or function being described. A “Yes” could be included for each point, but is not required.

While some of the bullets points in the “Additional Functionality” could warrant a “Yes/No” response, most call for a more substantive response.

Q. Q. Section 4.1.1: How many SMS messages do you anticipate sending in a calendar year?

A. 5,200 SMS messages were sent in the 2017 calendar year.

Q. Q. Section 4.1.2: Can you describe your current authority control processes now? Do you get regular authority processing updates performed on your records? Who does this? How often? Do you need a full authority data scrub for your current records?

A. We contract with our current vendor (SirsiDynix) for authority record updates which are done quarterly. Library of Congress lists are used to compare what is currently in the database, which have been cancelled or updated. A statistical review is provided quarterly along with the headings cancelled or updated and their LC control number. Since this authority work has been done quarterly for many years, a full authority data scrub is unnecessary.

Q. Q. When does your contract with SirsiDynix expire?

A. March 31, 2019

Q. Q. Does WLS currently take credit card payments at staff workstations? If so, what system are you using to do that?

A. No.

Q. Q. Does WLS have RDA compliant records currently? If not, do you want pricing to include the upgrade of your records?

A. There is currently a mix of AACR2 and RDA records. If an AACR2 to RDA upgrade service is available, please include pricing for one-time and periodic record upgrades. Many records loaded are from vendors, which are still providing AACR2 records, therefore ongoing upgrades would be required to maintain an exclusively RDA catalog.

Q. Q. What Digital Asset Management system are you currently using? Please provide the following details on your collections:
  # of collections, size in terms of storage of those collections, # of records, format of records

A. SirsiDynix Portfolio is currently in place, but there are only a small handful of test objects in a collection.

Q. Q. Does WLS currently have the ability to generate library cards and delivery for your users? If so, what system are you using?

A. No.

Q. Q. Does WLS currently use a room and event management system? If so, what system are you using?

A. WLS currently uses Evanced Events. Many WLS member libraries also used Evanced products as well as other solutions. WLS seeks a solution that can be used to manage in-house events and resources such as staff training at WLS, as well as public events such as programs at member libraries.

Q. Q. Re: Event and room management, is it planned to implement one system for the entire group of WLS libraries?

A. Member libraries have local autonomy regarding event and room management products. WLS seeks an integrated solution that individual member libraries can elect to use at their option.

Q. Q. Please identify how many self-check stations are in use throughout WLS by vendor.

A. Open Source (supported by WLS): 4
  Sentry: ~10
  Bibliotheca (Formerly 3M): ~4

Q. Please identify which third party applications are using SIP, SIP2 and NCIP, by interface.

A. Currently only SIP2 is used by the following services:
  Iverse (Comics Plus)
  Plymouth Rocket
  Freegal Music
  Total Boox
  iTiva – Talking Tech
  RB Digitial
  Learning Express
  ABC Mouse

Q. In reference to the data refinement or “scrubbing” services, can the library system provide a small sample output file of a cross section of different formats of material and a list of known issues that you would like addressed as part of this service?

A. There is no currently list of known issues. Users are generally dissatisfied with the quality of search and we are not discounting that it may be an issue with the condition of the records.
Please describe any pre-migration data refining or “scrubbing” (i.e. address verification and field normalization) services that the vendor organization offers including pricing (if possible without a sample) and degrees or depth of service.

Q. Is floating localized among some libraries or is it system based?

A. Floating collections are not currently in place. If implemented floating collections could exist both as system-wide programs or through partnerships between specific libraries. If the solution supports floating collections, please describe if either scenario could be addressed.

Q. Can you please provide more info on protocol TomCat and how important it is what is used for, we like to see how complicated it is to implement?

A. TomCat is used by the current vendor to support their software. It was priced separately on legacy invoices. It is not a WLS requirement for a solution and need be included only if it is a requirement of the proposed solution. If required by the vendor and there is a charge directly associated with it, that cost should be broken out in the cost proposal.

Q. What Point of Sale system is being used, how credit card payments are processed

A. There is not a Point of Sale system currently being used.

Q. What other ILL system you would like to integrate other than ILLiad NY?

A. ILLiad is the system currently in use and there is no other preferred system. However, WLS is flexible in which ILL system could be used and therefore would ask the vendor to note any ILL system(s) that work(s) or integrate(s) best with the proposed solution.

Q. Do you deliver by mail for Outreach

A. Some member libraries do this as a manual process.

Q. Can you please provide list of online databases you currently have subscription or would like in the future

A. The list can be found here:

Q. Can you please explain further what you mean by Fee Accounting for Home deliver on page 19, if you mean you charge them a fee for delivery then we understand

A. The term “fee” refers to a charge to the patron for use of a home delivery service.

Q. Do you have your own digital content, how much in GB and what format and how information
is saved and linked to the files

A. There are only a small handful of test objects. There isn’t a production-level collection in place.

Q. Can you please explain what is WLS on page 23 for integration

A. WLS is on the bulleted list of vendors supplying self-checkout solutions to libraries. Westchester Library System (WLS) currently provides hardware, installation and direct technical support to member libraries for an open-source self-checkout software solution.

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